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The official website of the only gay triplets in the gay porn biz. Enjoy exclusive Visconti Triplets content here.

Main Category: Individual Models
Sub Categories: Muscle
Site type: Pay Site
Launched: May, 2008
Reviewed: Apr 07, 2010

The Manhub Review of Visconti Triplets

First Impression

As with anything else in life (births, deaths, good news and bad), gay porn taboos come in threes.  Obviously, one of those taboos is bareback sex.  The second is straight men and the third is, of course, incest.  No one is at all surprised by this revelation, not with the amount of daddy/son fantasies that are spurned by the bear community, the concept of fraternity brothers and all the homoeroticism found therein, or the amount of fan fiction written about the damn redheads that play the Weasley twins in the Harry Potter movies.  (And really, twincest is even hotter than incest).  The potential problem with incest is that it can be difficult finding two relatives that are gay and into each other, let alone finding twins who are into each other.  And then out of the darkness comes the shining ray of incestual light that is the


The Visconti Triplets.  God, even just the name sounds hot.  The triplets are just as hot as they sound.  Jason, Jimmy and Joey Visconti (assuming these are the name their parents gave them, then yes, their parents did go cutesy wootsy with the matching J names).  According to the website’s homepage, the triplets are identical, but there personalities are “anything but the same.”  It’s kind of like reading a Baby-Sitter's Club book, only all about porn.

In addition to the slightly condescending welcome, the site itself is…odd.  I would have thought that a site as well known as Visconti Triplets would perhaps be a bit more visually appealing.  Surely they have enough money to pay a new web designer, yes?  From the cheesy header with pictures of the triplets (which, quite honestly, don’t show the triplets in a flattering light) to the odd black/tan/orange color scheme, the design aesthetic just seems to be a bit off.  Likewise, the layout is a bit disjointed as well.  There isn’t a separate section for videos; rather, they’re all located right there on the homepage.  This is where the layout is severely lacking.  Rather than organizing the videos by description, by type or anything to that effect, there are three rows of numbers, from 1 to 89, with each number indicating a different sex scene.  Why these videos aren’t grouped into their own section and displayed using thumbnails or even just a verbal description with a hyperlink is beyond me.  I can’t imagine it would take much to make these simple changes.


Luckily, the videos do a lot to make up for this layout snafu.  I mean, let’s just call a spade a spade and say that the website could look like it was smeared with poop and it wouldn’t matter, as long as the content was about the Visconti Triplets.  The videos are nicely done.  The lighting, the staging, the décor are all home runs, even though all that’s really needed is the Visconti Triplets all naked and hot.  Videos can be watched in high or low resolution, or streamed in high or low quality.  The pictures—which, curiously, do have their own section, though still suffer from the same layout as the videos—sometimes feature more models other than just the triplets.

Guys And Sex

In their solo videos, the guys are hot.  In videos where they’re all jacking off together, perhaps each with an arm around the next, the guys are hotter.  In videos where the triplets are going to town on willing bottoms?  Game over, man, game over.  It doesn’t even matter if the bottoms aren’t always that attractive.  The website isn’t about the bottoms, it’s about the Visconti Triplets and how they look, how they fuck.  And they fuck well.  With their biceps bulging, the pecs pulsing and their abs rippling (oh, the abs…the abs), the Visconti triplets could be fucking a couch made out of ham hocks and it’d still be hot.  The one complaint I do have is that with a site like Visconti Triplets, one would perhaps hope that the triplets would, well…fool around with each other.  The ultimate taboo, really.  Sure, they might have arms around each other while they jerk off or maybe touch each others’ penii every now and then, but what people really want to see is triplet on triplet on triplet action.


Other sections featured on the website are an About Us section—you might think “Um, duh, it’s about triplets having sex,” but really, it’s a chance to hear from the triplets themselves their answers to questions like where in Budapest the twins are from.  There’s also a Store—naturally—as well as a Links section to other websites that suggests.  Finally, under the Bonus section, members of also receive access to Male Digital and BiSex Digital.

Bottom Line

On a whole, is kind of average.  But this is one instance where you have to ignore the forest for the trees and in this case, when the tree are three hot and identical Hungarians, ignoring the forest is an easy thing to do.

Site Details for Visconti Triplets

Update frequency: Weekly
Exclusivity: 100%
Number of videos: 165 (avg. 20 minutes)
Maximum Video Resolution: 720x480
Videos have watermarks
Download limit: None
Video DRM: None
Video Formats: Flash
Video Type: Streaming
Number of galleries: 200 (avg. 100 pics per gallery)
Pictures have watermarks
Multiple picture sizes
Has slideshows
No zip files





May 11, 2011