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The official website of hot pornstar Samuel O'Toole, who shares all his exclusive Next Door Studios content with fans.

Main Category: Individual Models
Sub Categories: Hardcore Sex
Site type: Network
Launched: Nov, 2010
Reviewed: Apr 08, 2011

The Manhub Review of Samuel O'Toole

First Impression

When you create a successful brand and begin to expand from your original venture there is always a fear that you will begin to dilute the value of your product and eventually burn out. Quality begins to go down and the interest will sometimes wear off and then the market will shift and you are left with a whole bunch of inferior products when you started with one really great one. So why the hell am I giving an economics class in a porn review? Well I really was asking myself the same question, but I wanted to prove the point that even though this is a possibility, there are exceptions to the rule and over the last year or so the Next Door Studios brand has begun to expand with a whole series of new websites, and have become this exception by managing to retain superior quality and great products despite themselves. Their latest undertaking is and just when you thought things couldn’t get much better…they have. The site dedicated to the masculine, somewhat bisexual stud is not only a welcome addition to the already exciting lineup; it is one of the hottest. The beefy, built boy knows how to have great sex, looks fantastic in pictures and fucks some of the most stunning boys in the business. The site is interesting and new while still maintaining the Next Door look, and if you want value for your dollar, this is the place to find it. I guarantee that Samuel and his friends will get your cock going and leave you happily spent.


As with all of the Next Door sites, is beautifully organized, has a sleek masculine, easy to use design and wastes no time with extemporaneous components that would keep you from getting to the hot sex. You can search the site by movie, update, photo sets or behind the scenes tabs, and key words will allow you to see similar materials within the site and the entire network. Expertly shot thumbnails direct you to the scenes where you can read a hot brief description of the sex before you make your choice and start viewing. There is also a live show countdown clock that lets you know when you can see Samuel again, as well as recent updates and most viewed items. It is surprising that all websites aren’t this easy to use, but then again all websites don’t belong to Next Door Studios.


Samuel is relatively new to the scene, but this site already has 22 fantastic videos to appreciate with new updates added twice a month. All of the scenes are shot in crystal clear HD allowing you to see and hear all of the action perfectly, and you can stream them from the site or quickly download for later viewing. The scenes are compatible with just about any player and they are big files so you can increase the size without losing any quality. The videographers do a great job at capturing all of the action and the editor helps build the tension of the scenes so you can’t take your eyes off the men. Although Samuel is the featured in every scene, there is a great variety to the action. The stud does solos, groups, threeways, duos and even pumps his thick cock in to a girl or two just to keep things lively. The settings range from beautifully decorated bedrooms to kitchens, dungeon sequences, and there are even some hot out door action which all helps to bring the diversity in the scenarios, and gives the audience something different to expect each time. Each scene comes with a detailed photo gallery of well-chosen pictures that add to the richness of the site and make your mouth water for more. There are also about 16 full photo galleries to look at, and the photographers of are just as impressive as the namesake himself. Next Door is a stand-alone when it comes to the quality of their photos, and I if you want to talk about how to build a brand, the attention to detail in their photographs and making sure that they are well lit and expertly executed is one of the most outstanding features of any Next Door site. Quality reigns supreme on and you will be hard pressed to find a better product in gay porn.

Guys And Sex

You can have the greatest production value and the best behind the scenes people in the world and still not have an outstanding product if you can’t find the right talent to showcase. Fortunately for Next Door, Samuel O’Toole is not only the right talent; he is a natural sex god that knows how to put on a good show no matter what he is doing. Unlike some bi guys who are really just straight men going through the motions with boys in order to get their paycheck, Samuel dives into the sex no matter who his partner is with gusto. He kisses, sucks, and fucks like a champion and will leave you breathless with his efforts. The boy has a great smile, a perfect body and a huge schlong that he knows how to use and all of his partners seem full satisfied which really will make the audience happy. I imagine that the kind of sex Samuel has on camera is the same type of sex that he has off camera, which is what really makes a great porn star. He is all man and while some may criticize him for not yet bottoming on film, I have to say that it is kinda nice to have a top be a total top for a change and definitely don’t miss the versatile action that some expect from gay porn stars. Samuel O’Toole is the right man for the job and definitely one of the hottest in the Next Door stable.


The site costs a paltry $29.95 a month, which is a little shocking given all of the great content you receive. Not only do you get access to the full library, live shows and blogs, you also get full membership to the entire Next Door Studios network. There are over 22 different sites to choose from and with new updates everyday you will never run out of material to choose from. All of them are great featuring sexy men, fantastic sex and the best quality in the business. If you love gay sex it is almost a crime not to join this network.

Overall Impression

I have to say that Next Door Studios has outdone themselves again with this site, and that Samuel O’Toole is definitely one of the best new stars on the web. Unlike Cody Cummings or Trystan Bull who also tout themselves as bisexual performers, Samuel really seems to get into the sex and knows how to make the audience fall in love when they are watching. The quality is unmatched, the website is masculine and easy to navigate, and Samuel is an absolute stud which all makes up a recipe for an outstanding website.

Bottom Line

Samuel O’Toole is a man’s man who knows how to have great sex on camera. With the expert quality of a Next Door Studios behind the star, this site is yet another outstanding offering. 

Site Details for Samuel O'Toole

Update frequency: Daily Network Updates
Exclusivity: 100%
Number of videos: 55 (avg. 20 minutes)
Maximum Video Resolution: 1920x1080
Videos have watermarks
Download limit: None
Video DRM: None
Video Formats: WM / QT / Flash / HD / POP / IPod
Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming
Number of galleries: 55 (avg. 30 pics per gallery)
Pictures have watermarks
Only one picture size
No slideshows
No zip files





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