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Lucas Kazan

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The official website of Lucas Kazan, featuring high quality videos of Euro muscle studs and Italian men.

Main Category: Euro-Boys
Sub Categories: Hardcore Sex ,Muscle ,Uncut
Site type: Pay Site
Launched: Apr, 2006
Reviewed: May 10, 2010

The Manhub Review of Lucas Kazan

First Impression appears to be one of the more professional looking porn sites I’ve ever seen. It’s the kind of site I wouldn’t be embarrassed about my mom accidentally seeing, if she were ever to use my computer. Using promises me “Exclusive Euro Muscle Studs, Italian Men and High Quality Original Videos.” Already I’m seeing two words I love: exclusive and men. The tour was, no pun intended, longer than necessary, but it provided me with some preview videos and preview galleries so I know right away what I’m going to be getting when I look at this site.


I’m not too thrilled about the organization of this site. The home page shows you videos by update, and then you can click on movies so you have an option of seeing short movies, full length movies or softcore selections. There’s no search mechanism that I can find, only different ways of organizing the movies that are available. Considering most of these have nothing in common with the other, it’s difficult to go through and find what it is you’re looking for. You just have to go based on the title of the film and hope it gives you the kind of kink you’re looking for.


Of better quality than’s organization are the pictures you find here. They’re all professionally done with fantastic lighting and sexy poses. These aren’t screenshots from the films, but real photos, and really HOT photos. There are slideshow capabilities for your viewing pleasure, and if you want to save the photos to your hard drive you’ll have to do it one at a time. There are certainly worse things in life, however. The videos are, what I saw, also high quality. The lighting is done so that you can see everything, which is very important, and the camera work is also very well done. The downside to the video section is that they aren’t available to download. There are three streaming sizes you can choose from, but you can only stream the videos. There aren’t a whole lot of videos available, though as I clicked around the site I was finding different numbers each time, so I could be wrong on this. The site also claims to be updating weekly since May 2006, but I could only find uploads from 2008 and later. It seems like is updated every few days, so there’s at least usually something new to look at and watch. All of the material on this site is exclusive, but I’m pretty sure the bonus scenes are not. This isn’t unusual though.

Guys And Sex

The guys here mostly look the same, if you consider the fact that they are all big and beefy the same. I’m not saying this is a bad thing – these are the kinds of guys I like to watch – but if you’re looking for guys that come in all shapes and sizes, you’re not going to find them here. These guys come in one size (big) and one shape (beefy). Watching these videos or looking at the photos may make you want to hit the gym, right after you beat your meat. The sex in these scenes are hot, and the models in them are into it. I even saw the action going on in different ways than I’d seen it before… and I was starting to think I had seen everything. Also, the guys in these videos seem really excited to be there. I always judge a video based on how into giving head a guy is, and all of the blowjobs I saw were enthusiastic and hot to watch.


Unfortunately, what comes up must come down. I’m not sure you’re getting enough bang for your buck with this site. The media is all very high quality, so in that sense you’re definitely getting what you’re paying for. There isn’t a lot of bonus material available, however, and I couldn’t find anything about having access to any other sites. Of course, if all you want is some scorching hot porn and sexy pictures to inspire you, then this site is definitely worth whatever cost that’s attached to it. If you’re anything like me, you’re too lazy to take advantage of most bonus features anyway, and want a porn site for the porn itself. But if you’re a more involved person with your porn-watching, you’re probably going to be disappointed with what’s offered here.

Overall Impression

In the end I have to recommend, because the porn itself is awesome. I mean, you’re not going to skip out on the best steak restaurant in town because their baked potato is lacking, are you? Maybe that’s not the best metaphor, but here’s the point: when push comes to shove, we’re looking at these sites because we’re looking for some good porn, and that definitely delivers. It’s an entertaining site, even if it doesn’t entertain you with video chats, forums and Flash games. If you don’t mind your site not having advanced search features.

Bottom Line

Despite its lack of an advanced user interface, I really like this site and would recommend it to my mother. Well, I would recommend it to her if she liked gay porn, which she doesn’t, so I won’t. I recommend it to you instead. You’ll like it more.

Site Details for Lucas Kazan

Update frequency: Weekly
Exclusivity: 100%
Number of videos: 300 (avg. 10 minutes)
Maximum Video Resolution: 640x480
Videos have watermarks
Download limit: None
Video DRM: None
Video Formats: WM / QT / Flash
Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming
Number of galleries: 165 (avg. 30 pics per gallery)
Pictures have watermarks
Multiple picture sizes
Has slideshows
No zip files