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Official Score is the home of GayVN award winning Michael Lucas's porn studio, where you can find some of the biggest budget gay hardcore films featuring some of the industry's biggest stars. Enjoy cam shows, a web store, DVD downloads and more from this prominent studio.

Main Category: DVD Porn
Sub Categories: All Fetishes ,Blowjobs ,Group Sex ,Hardcore Sex ,Muscle
Site type: Network
Launched: Jul, 2004
Reviewed: Jul 18, 2011

The Manhub Review of Lucas Entertainment

First Impression

I’ve heard a lot of strange things about porn king Michael Lucas, and I don’t particularly care to watch him have sex with anyone (his face looks tighter than a virgin ass). But the man can make amazing porn. That he’s in some of the clips on is the only downside to what amounts to an amazing porn experience. The clips on this site run the gamut from good to fucking unbelievable. He manages to do what no other site creator can—clips that involve hokey setups before the main action and are still hot all the way through. When two guys meet up in an office here, it’s like watching the X-rated version of “Fatal Attraction.” They lust after each other, they throw each other down, they rip each other’s clothes off, they suck and rim and fuck like bunnies. His stuff is porn art, if such a thing exists. Of all the videos that involve set-ups, these are the only one I’ve seen in which I didn’t want to automatically fast forward.


The site looks great, sort of the GQ for the porn world. There’s nothing cheesy or too graphic about the look. The layout has a lot of dark images and formalwear (I’ll get to the dark, brooding guys later), and shows you what you want upfront. You can check out the latest clips, go to a model or film, or hit the link for a specific genre. You probably know the drill by now, and everything runs smoothly here. There’s a couple of Lucas models that make me drool, and I had no problem finding them, each scene, each film, and all their photos. Streaming is the name of the game on and that’s an important point. Like other sites with a big DVD business (Falcon, Colt), they want you to buy the films. There are some downloads on the site, but they’re not the best of what Lucas has to offer. What’s most impressive in the organization department is the content delivered when you pick a scene. There’s a summary, and directly underneath photos of the actors, with links to all their other work. Under that are other scenes from the same film. It all makes sense, and the connection is important when you’re onto something you like.


The photos are very professional, but they aren’t extensive. You can view them in slideshow format, and they’re all studio shots (no screencaps). The video quality is excellent. The sound, lighting, direction all work together beautifully. Everything is shot in high definition. Like I said, it’s mostly streaming, but the quality is great. You can choose from three different speeds, and I didn’t have any serious buffering issues. The downloads work fine, too. The regular stuff updates a couple of times a week, and all of the material is exclusive to Most of the clips are about 30 +minutes in length, and, as I wrote above, worth the time invested.

Guys And Sex

Now, about these guys. If you do know anything about Lucas, you probably know that he loves foreign men, especially those who looked as if they just stepped out of the Holy Land. Pretty much every man he uses is dark-haired with dark skin, although the occasional dirty blond sneaks in. A lot of them have tattoos, and a lot of them have facial and chest hair. Lucas is also interested in muscular guys, although none of them look overly steroidal. He doesn’t like small guys are thin dudes. So if you’re into the “swimmer’s build” type, you’re not going to enjoy these men. Some of them border on pretty, and some are more handsome-hunk. I’m not involved with casting (damn it), but either Lucas knows how to coach these guys or he’s just great at spotting natural fuckers. The men don’t just slide their dicks into each other and grunt and groan. Watching these guys, you get the feeling they’re lovers in real life. There’s always passion, it’s always pretty rough (that kind of coordination isn’t easy to do on a porn film budget), and everything looks extremely well rehearsed. By the time the climax hits, you’re as wiped out as the men.


If you’re into Lucas’s boys, you’re going to be happy with this site. The biggest issue is the streaming, as opposed to downloads. If you’re a collector, you can always just buy these clips and not join the site. On the plus side, you’ve got a great collection of porn to watch, and you can always store clips into your “favorites” folder. There’s some decent wallpaper, and the site has live cam shows.

Overall Impression is one of the hottest gay porn sites around. I recommend it to anyone who likes to watch a damn entertaining fuck. The men sell the site, so it doesn’t need to rely on a lot of extras to get your attention. Do not expect bleached blonds are guys who look like they need to be carded. These guys are serious, trained, and molded. Lucas has fashioned the equivalent of Old Hollywood for gay porn, and it’s nice to check out porn at its most glamorous.

Bottom Line is a site of hot men with dark hair and dark complexions. The guys are all pretty muscular, fairly pretty, and can fuck like anything. This is the most glamorous porn site on the market.

Site Details for Lucas Entertainment

Update frequency: Twice/Three Times a Week
Exclusivity: 100%
Number of videos: 815 (avg. 30 minutes)
Maximum Video Resolution: 1920x1080
Videos have watermarks
Download limit: Yes
Video DRM: Yes
Video Formats: Flash / HD
Video Type: Streaming
Number of galleries: (avg. pics per gallery)
Pictures have watermarks
Only one picture size
No slideshows
No zip files





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