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Falcon Studios XXX is the official home of the famed Falcon Studios, which brings its exclusive DVD and video on demand content to fans.

Main Category: Muscle
Sub Categories: Hardcore Sex ,Video On Demand ,DVD Porn
Site type: Pay Site
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Reviewed: Apr 07, 2010

The Manhub Review of Falcon Studios

First Impression

If you at all follow porn, you know about Falcon Studios.  Quite simply, it’s one of the world’s largest and most well known producers of gay porn, and for good reason:  they’re hot.  Everything about them is hot.  The models are gorgeous, the videos are flawlessly shot and if you can’t get off on at least one of them, chances are your junk doesn’t work.  Go ahead, go to the doctor real quick.  I’ll sit here and wait, twiddling my thumbs (though, with the Falcon Studios website opened right here, you might come back to find me twiddling something else).  The thing about is that all they hype is true.  This is the studio that either launched or furthered the careers of some of the most well known and infamous players in the gay porn industry, like once under-ager Brent Corrigan, professional barebacker Jeff Palmer, and vintage porn star Ken Ryker so naturally, the website is going to provide just as many thrills as the videos you can purchase to view from the comfort of your own DVD player.


Let’s talk about the site design first:  sleek and sexy, is kitted out in blacks, grays and reds.  Normally a design aesthetic that wouldn’t work, the site designers for Falcon Studios understand the need for minimalism.  With just enough red to catch the eye and lead it around the site to see the various videos the site has to offer.  The home page is perhaps a little crowded or muddled, though.  There’s a lot going on, on that home page, and the non-linear layout, somewhat poor font choice and size and design of certain features create a visual cacophony that both pulls the viewer in while pushing the viewer away.


Looking past all that to navigate to the videos, though, is where the payoff begins.  Videos for Falcon Studios have better production quality than a lot of Hollywood movies I see in the theatres.  Beautifully framed and wonderfully lit, directors also know exactly what angles to hit in order to get the most eroticism out of the shoot as possible.  The videos have the option of being streamed either via Flash or WMV.  Additionally, each video offered at Falcon Studios has its own web gallery, if you’d really like to dissect what’s happening on screen.  If you’re looking for something specific and aren’t sure how to find it, there’s a pull down menu to select your theme.

Guys And Sex

The models really get into the sex, as well.  A lot of porn production companies have models that give off an air of “This will be hot just because I’m pretty.”  Models at Falcon Studios know they’re pretty, but they don’t rest on their hot gay laurels.  They go to town, tackling dick and ass play like their lives depend on it (and really, they do:  they’re paid porn actors).  At Falcon Studios, viewers can find all sorts of models:  from twinks to bears, hot nerds to hot jocks, all of them can be found on the Falcon Studios payroll. 


In addition to the videos that can be found at Falcon Studios, viewers can also check out Falcon TV in the Web Videos section.  These videos feature models solo on a couch, flogging their logs to their hearts content, or a couple of models doing to each other what they do best.  There’s also the casting couch where new models can be previewed.  Falcon Studios also features the best model page I’ve seen to date; there’s nothing particularly standout about it, other than the page design.  But now I know that Matthew Ford—my new favorite porn star who I want to treat me like a little bitch—is 5’10” with a moderately hairy muscular body and an 8-inch dick.  Naturally, with a website like Falcon Studio, there is a store involved where movies and scenes can be purchased.

Bottom Line

With the product they’re putting out there, Falcon earns every penny.

Site Details for Falcon Studios

Update frequency: Twice/Three Times a Week
Exclusivity: 100%
Number of videos: 455 (avg. 100 minutes)
Maximum Video Resolution: 960x540
Videos have watermarks
Download limit: None
Video DRM: Yes
Video Formats: Flash
Video Type: Streaming
Number of galleries: 1800 (avg. 15 pics per gallery)
Pictures have watermarks
Only one picture size
Has slideshows
No zip files





Jan 29, 2011