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English Lads

Official Score is a site full of sexy and fit British boys who show off playing with themselves and each other.

Main Category: Euro-Boys
Sub Categories: Blowjobs ,Hand Jobs ,Masturbation ,Uncut
Site type: Pay Site
Launched: Dec, 2003
Reviewed: Apr 07, 2010

The Manhub Review of English Lads

First Impression

I know that is going to be showing me a lot of cute English boys, because there’s the flag of England in one of the shots. This is, of course, in addition to a bevy of very nice English bums. My powers of deduction are not mitigated by the amount of porn I like to watch or the frequency with which I like to watch it, thank goodness. I’m also apparently going to be seeing all exclusive content that is hotter than the exclusive content I’ve seen elsewhere. Bitchy questions about how the site knows how hot the other sites I’ve been to aside, I’m convinced. How hot is too hot, and will I find it here?


The organization of this site is pretty straightforward. I logged in and saw the usual assortment of arses to click on to decide what video I wanted to watch. There aren’t a lot of ads to pull your attention and you don’t have to click a million links to get what you’re looking for. I have to stop and rhapsodize on the search function for a while. I’m in love with the search mechanism on this site. I’m just working up the nerve to ask it to come home with me. You can search by category or by how recently it was posted. You can also go to the advanced search, which is where the real magic is. You have 14 categories to make your specifications for what kind of guy you want to see, and then it will seek out the person for you. Of course, there’s always the possibility that your fantasy man doesn’t exist (mine apparently doesn’t), but if you’re dying for an uncut guy with tats and you don’t care how tall or old he is, you can certainly seek that out. Well played,, well played. I do wish there were a few more options to choose from, as far as kink is concerned, but I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth on this one. I love that advanced search.


The photos on are generic, but they’re well-taken. The lighting is great and close to the action, or inaction, whatever it happens to be. Most importantly, they’re all in focus. Sometimes for whatever reason photos don’t look very good, but these are clearly professionally taken, and during an actual photo shoot. You can download as a zip file and the photos are available for viewing in either medium or high res. The bad news is that I have no idea how many photo galleries there are on this site, but the good news is that it’s because there are so many available, I had no way to get this information without clicking on each model and counting, and that would take me all day due to the distractions. (You try clicking on all of these photo galleries without looking at a single one and see how long it takes you to cave in! I never said I had self control, just impeccable taste in men.) The videos were a little bit pixilated for me, but it’s possible that watching in a different format would fix that. The camera work is awesome; the videos are easy to watch and the camerawork isn’t at all shaky, while you still get to see everything in all its hot detail. use different viewing options than I’ve seen before – you can choose to download a 16-minute abridged version of the video or the full length video which is closer to a half hour. You can download and stream for Windows Media Player or for Quicktime and in either high-def or medium, whichever works best for your system. Size matters with this kind of stuff! As with the photo galleries, it’s too difficult for me to count exactly how many videos there are, but rest assured, there are a metric fuckton (it’s an English site, and they use that system) of hot videos to watch.

Guys And Sex

On to the stuff you care most about: the videos are hot hot HOT. Yes, they may have been pixilated, but that didn’t take away from how steamy these videos are. These English lads go at each other like they haven’t shagged in years, and if they don’t do it now it will years more until they have the opportunity again. The lads are enthusiastic about each other and they are enthusiastic about what they’re doing to each other. This is another site that doesn’t cater to the bear-lover or chubby-chaser in all of us; if you want hard bodies, has got plenty of them.


I was hoping that I wouldn’t have a reason to point out any downsides to this site, and I almost didn’t. Instead of being a Negative Nancy and pointing out that every silver lining has a cloud, I’ll just say that buying membership to gets you membership to and everything it has to offer, and that’s it. Oddly, the wallpapers that are available for download seem to only be findable when you’re not logged in. At least, that seemed to be the only place they were viewable. Of course, the site has a ton of awesome photos and videos to download, so you’re still getting an enormous selection of awesome material.

Bottom Line

Go for it. You won’t get a bum deal, just a lot of really nice bums.

Site Details for English Lads

Update frequency: Twice/Three Times a Week
Exclusivity: 100%
Number of videos: 532 (avg. 30 minutes)
Maximum Video Resolution: 960x540
Videos have watermarks
Download limit: None
Video DRM: Yes
Video Formats: WM / QT
Video Type: Downloadable
Number of galleries: 200000 (avg. pics per gallery)
Pictures have watermarks
Multiple picture sizes
Has slideshows
Offers zip files