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The COLT Studio Group offers exclusive HD content of those hot, muscular COLT men we all love.

Main Category: DVD Porn
Sub Categories: Hardcore Sex ,Jocks/Frat Boys ,Muscle
Site type: Pay Site
Launched: Aug, 2007
Reviewed: Apr 07, 2010

The Manhub Review of COLT Studio Group

First Impression

Colt guys are like every man we dreamed about as kids. Big, muscular, so macho on their motorcycles or taking a swim. Back then, we could only imagine getting fucked by one of them, or sucking one of their cocks. What Colt Studios has done is bring that fantasy to life. Watch these guys for a bit, and you realize they’re not just hungry for other men, they want to get their bubble-butt asses licked and their butts plowed. It’s that childhood your closeted self never had.


Log on to the Colt Studios site and a you see a lot of hot guys who all kind of look like they go to the same gym and have the same trainer—and maybe a few supplements as well. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve hit a gold mine. (It’s either a plus or a minus that high definition allows you to see every butt pimple and back-acne blotch). There are no twinks with cum all over their face, but you will find some bald heads and leather.

The homepage almost appears as if you haven’t yet entered your password, as there are tons of ads for Colt videos. There are dollar signs everywhere, advertising films, calendars, etc.  All the links are a bit distracting, and when I did get bumped off accidentally, it took me a while to realize I was looking at the ad for the site. Cruise for a bit, however, and you’ll start to get the hang of it. I’m always a little bothered when sites instantly want me to log on to a bigger, better site for more money. What did I pay for in the first place? It’s like a guy asking you to blow him even before he’s bought you a drink.


Colt updates its content weekly, and there’s an extensive backlog of clips to view. They don’t put the date on some of the Classic Colt stuff, but we’re talking The Dry Look and ‘70s-style beefcake. The newest clips are displayed upfront, but there’s a search tab for your favorite models and genres. Colt has some classic films that anyone should check out; most notably, the “Buckleroos” films that were made a few years’ back. Dean Phoenix bottomed for the first time in that series, and watching him gulp before he gets fucked reminds you of your own first time. He’s also a natural-born cocksucker. The links for actors worked fine, but when I looked around a bit, trying to get "Asian" and "bald," the links didn’t work and took me straight back to the homepage.

What you can’t do is download—except for previews of films. That’s not such a bad thing, however, as the clips from flicks are long—at least 20 minutes each, and they can be streamed in high definition—oddly, regular streaming had as many buffering delays. You can also put clips in your Favorites folder—a great feature on any site. The links to Live guys are easy to find, as are the photo stills from each clip. Each video scene has a photo gallery that’s pretty much a whole summary of the action. There are also tags underneath each video to let you know what you’re getting—anal, blow job, etc. Each guy also gets his own solo shot.

Guys And Sex

As for those men, well I’m a sucker for watching a hunk like Carlo Massi get rimmed on a motorcycle, then turn over and get fucked—while still on the bike. Or Chris Wide open up wide after a naked volleyball match with Adam Champ. Big and beefy as they are, the men love to kiss, they love to moan, and if there’s a tongue in site, their holes work like magnets. A lot of them are versatile, which is extra hot. John Rutherford is Colt’s big-time director, and he makes sure there’s actual chemistry between the men. It works. He also likes simple storylines, which under his guidance can be entertaining. The lighting and camera work is great; often going from an overhead shot of penetration, then straight to a camera underneath as the fucking starts. His videos really are mini-movies; the camera doesn’t just stand center while the guys do all the action. The man’s a porn pro.


The site is a good bargain for Colt Men lovers, as long as you’re not here to download. All of the material is original, and the photos alone are guaranteed sprouters. The classic Colt clips are fun to look at, and will get older guys sentimental for the way porn used to be. They’d also be a hoot at a party. The chat guys (which, oddly enough, are mostly twinks), and live cam shows are not included in the price of membership. There’s a store of Colt collectibles, even a Coming Soon section.

Overall Impression

Since most people already know about Colt and the type of men they feature, what you need to know is the downloading capabilities—none—and the hotness factor of the clips—yowza! If you want your weekly fix of beef on beef, but don’t want the mess to stay in the house, this is the place to go.

Bottom Line

Colt features hot, hunky men, great fucking, a dildo here and there, and quality direction. For that reason it’s hard to resist.

Site Details for COLT Studio Group

Update frequency: Weekly
Exclusivity: 100%
Number of videos: 540 (avg. 20 minutes)
Maximum Video Resolution: 960x540
Videos have watermarks
Download limit: None
Video DRM: None
Video Formats: Flash / HD
Video Type: Streaming
Number of galleries: 1100 (avg. 20 pics per gallery)
Pictures have watermarks
Only one picture size
No slideshows
No zip files





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