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Bare Twinks features 100% exclusive twink content that is 100% condom-free.

Main Category: Twinks 18+
Sub Categories: Hardcore Sex
Site type: Pay Site
Launched: May, 2009
Reviewed: Oct 31, 2011

The Manhub Review of Bare Twinks

First Impression is one of the more impressive amateur sites I’ve checked out in a while—and when are they going to run out of these boys, anyway? Once you get on the homepage, you’ll see lots of young, slim, pale men in pretty damn raunchy setups. The images are all too familiar at this point, but I was struck with the professionalism of the site. It’s a bareback site, and one that uses men who look like boys, but doesn’t over-play the kid stuff too much. As young as the guys are, they’ve got piercings and punk hair and look like they’ve sucked more than a few cocks in their short days. Since the graphics are so well organized, you also feel like you’re going to get something that wasn’t organized by two 19 year olds in a dorm room with a camera.


The layout is cool. There aren’t ads to distract you, but there’s a busy look—here, it works. Once you get to you immediately see the newest clips, then have the option to watch or to go to the photos. They give you descriptions of the action, and a chance to rate what you see. There are search engines at the top, letting you hit all the major genres. You can also search for a specific model. You can go to the User Forum link or the Blog or the DVDs, or the live cams shows. Everything works efficiently, and nothing is confusing. On the homepage, they do place the coming attractions before everything else, which is a feature that always kind of annoys me. I’d like to know what I can jack off to today; not in a week.


The photos are great, both in quantity and quality. The resolution is extremely high, and you can watch the entire shoots via photo gallery. Also, you can view in a slideshow or download into a zip file. There are tons of photos, so those of you who want these guys as wallpaper will be thrilled. The videos are very amateur, with not particularly great sound, and with bad lighting. They do add some “kiddie” backgrounds to give you the illusion that these are young boys, but it’s not as extreme as some sights. You can stream in different speeds, and you can download in different speeds, with Windows and MP4. The options are impressive, and everything I tried worked great. The videos are about 15 minutes long, and the site updates about once a week. The material is exclusive to the Boy Crush network.

Guys And Sex

This site could be called “When Teens Go Bad.” As young as these barely legal guys look, they’re spreading their legs for the camera, inserting everything up their ass, sucking and fucking hard, shooting cum every which way, and generally having a sex smorgasbord. You’ll see lots of very pale guys, lots of smooth guys, guys with pink hair, and guys who look like they’ve skipped a few meals. You won’t see jocks or bears or anyone who looks like they spend any real time at the gym. When they fuck, though, they know what they’re doing. Some of them are naturals, sliding their cock in with ease, and pounding away happily. The bottoms, too, come across as being quite experienced. If you like this niche, you’ll be a happy camper.


As far as amateur sites go, this one’s solid. You get lots of videos, tons of photographs, zip files, a blog, a users forum, bonus sites, and live cam shows. Also, the downloading capabilities are great. There’s always room for improvement, and it would be nice to see a little more variety in the guys—remember, this site serves one niche, so don’t go looking for the next Chris Rockway. If you’re hungry for a change, you won’t find it here.

Overall Impression has a lot going for it. Almost as important as the guys is how a site is run, and this one knows what it’s doing. I think people looking for a site full of very young “boys” will find this one very satisfying. The bareback brings in its own audience; and might upset a few people as well. There’s nothing particularly unique about, except for the fact that, as an “amateur” site, it seems to be run by pros.

Bottom Line is a site of young, smooth men. The videos are amateur, the pictures are great, and the content is well produced and easy to use. Plus, lots of extras to keep members satisfied.

Site Details for Bare Twinks

Update frequency: Weekly
Exclusivity: 100%
Number of videos: 100 (avg. 20 minutes)
Maximum Video Resolution: 1280x720
Videos have watermarks
Download limit: Yes
Video DRM: None
Video Formats: WM / Flash / HD / POP / IPod
Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming
Number of galleries: 100 (avg. 100 pics per gallery)
Pictures have watermarks
Multiple picture sizes
Has slideshows
Offers zip files





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