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Austin Zane

Official Score is the home of amateur boys Austin and Zane, two straight best friends who love to hook up.

Main Category: Amateur Boys
Sub Categories: Hardcore Sex ,Str8 Bait
Site type: Pay Site
Launched: Nov, 2010
Reviewed: Dec 09, 2011

The Manhub Review of Austin Zane

First Impression

OMG! They’re best buds, they talk about exes, they hang out together all the time, they fuck like bunnies, and they’re straight! Such is the premise of, one of the most fun gay porn sites I’ve viewed in awhile. Like probably everyone reading this, I’ll forever be suspicious about the “straight” part—I wish some of my dates were that straight—and I don’t really care. The fun of this site is that, when Austin and Zane aren’t fucking each other, they bring a few friends along for the ride. The site has a real user-friendly, unpretentious feel to it, and it’s hard not to be enticed. The guys, who have a lengthy section on how they started their own site, don’t feel the need to be overly butch or overtly raunchy. The look of the clips and the intros is fun, fun, fuck! They’re on Facebook, they Tweet, they post their reviews! Who know porn could be so gosh darn friendly.


The site’s pretty cool, even if it starts out a bit confusing. The new videos whip by after you log on, but never fear: Scroll down and you’ll find where you can view them. There isn’t a ton of content on the site, and everything is clearly laid out. You go to the movies, you visit the gallery, you click on the live chat, you read the blog, you get the picture. There’s nothing worse than not being able to find what or who you’re looking for, and one of the advantages of a smaller site is that everything is right in front of you. There also aren’t any annoying ads to distract you.


There is a huge selection of photos, and they’re all extremely professional. In addition to a gallery for every video, they have a separate “artistic” gallery of the dudes; alone, passing out, hanging out, showing off their bods, sometimes in black-and-white or sepia tones. These guys look like they’ve spent tons of teen time looking at Bruce Weber photos. You can download all the photos. The videos have great definition, and, even if you can see the reflection of the camera at times, or the camera gets a bit shaky, who cares? You can download in Quicktime, and stream in high definition. The guys are having so much fun fucking though, you don’t even need perfect quality. The site updates a few times a week and all of the material is exclusive to Austin Zane.

Guys And Sex

Austin and Zane look a bit like former Abercrombie & Fitch models. They’re clean cut and not overly buffed. Austin’s got the brown hair, Zane has the blond, and they take turns fucking each other. There are six other models on the site, who are featured alone, or with Austin, Zane, or both. There’s not a whole lot of variation there, either. One guy has a real boyish charm, one’s got a lot of ink, and they all look like guys you’d have a beer with. When they have sex, it’s hot. These guys know exactly what they’re doing together, and nothing looks forced. After I watched a few clips I believed these guys loved having sex with each other. That’s hard to accomplish on film, and something this site should be proud of.


Assuming you’re into these two guys, you’re getting great value. The site is consistently hot, and it’s well maintained and clever. If you’re not into these two men, leave. Even though you have six other guys to enjoy, Austin and Zane are the stars. The blog is clever and smart. It’s full of parties and events, and something they take time to update and keep interesting. The live chat had some problems when I tried it—I couldn’t access it. However, the photos and videos are plenty enough to keep you interested. Being able to download is always a plus, and all those areas to comment just make you want to speak your mind.

Overall Impression

This is one of those porn sites that really knows what it’s doing and how to entertain. Some sites look like they were thrown together in a day and then abandoned. is two guys on top of their game (in more ways than one), working hard to make a great site. If it’s not the best thing I’ve ever seen in porn-land, at least it’s a nice place to jack off.

Bottom Line is a porn site of two friends who fuck each other and a couple of other guys. They say they’re straight, and you won’t care. The clips are hot, and the guys look like ex-models.

Site Details for Austin Zane

Update frequency: Twice/Three Times a Week
Exclusivity: 100%
Number of videos: 65 (avg. 20 minutes)
Maximum Video Resolution: 1920x1080
Videos have watermarks
Download limit: None
Video DRM: None
Video Formats: MPEG / QT / Flash / HD
Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming
Number of galleries: 65 (avg. 15 pics per gallery)
Pictures have watermarks
Only one picture size
No slideshows
Offers zip files